Out Of Focus - Street Triptych

2003 – Dv – Color – 3 x 8 min.

Directed by the Out Of Focus group

Filmed & Edited by Out Of Focus
with assistance by Laurent Van Lancker


Three portraits of Bangladeshi street children and their daily struggle for survival in the slums of Dhaka.
These short documentaries were conveived and filmed by the Out Of Focus group during a Polymorfilms Video Workshop for DRIK.
Out Of Focus is a journalistic Video-initiative for underprivileged adolescents using various media to reflect on the inequalities of their environment..

‘One Lokman’
Lokman is young street singer, whose talent is widely known in the neighbourhood. He lives in a slum and his accompanying musicians are his parents, who depend entirely on his singing talent as their source of revenue. The constant performing on the street prevents him from going to school regularly .

‘Shima, 8 years old’
Shima is a little flower seller. We follow her early in the morning to the market untill late night trying to sell flowers in the polluted streets of Dhaka. She loves fairy tales and dreams of the privilege to go to school like other children of her age.

A day in the life of little Yusuf, who is forced to attend Coranic school and who desires nothing more than to go to a non-religious school.