Polymorfilms is a cooperative of filmmakers and a registered non-profit production company.

As well as supporting and producing projects of young directors, Polymorfilms also collaborates with NGO's, Media Activist Collectives and various other alternative Institutions on workshops and critical media programmes.

Polymorfilms is committed to initiate and encourage creative, engaged and multicultural cross-over projects.

It's purpose is to blend form with content, discourse with practise.

Next to filmmaking, polymorfilms is also active in other fields of culture and art: photography, storytelling, performance arts, video-installation, litterature, ... This multidisciplinary emphasis is reflected in the idiosyncrasy of its members: Florence Aigner (Photography), Simon Arazi (documentary), Valerie Berteau (Photography), Deborah Bennarosh (Editing), Marie-Eve Cosemans (film curator, video workshops), François Ducat (video art, documentary), Daniel Lamberts (Filmmaking, Scriptwriting), Ellen Meiresonne (Documentary, Scriptwriting), An Mertens (Storytelling, Litterature), Laurent Van Lancker (Documentary, creative workshops), Ilse Wijnen (Multidisciplinary, workshops)

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Rue T. Verhaegenstraat 18
Belgium- 1060 Brussel - Bruxelles
Tel+Fax: +32/2/537 85 69


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CV Polymorfilms

2006 "Surya, from eloquence to dawn"
76min. by Laurent Van Lancker; Digital Betacam – DTS stereo
in co-production with Atelier Graphoui,
with the support of the Belgian Development Cooperation – DGDC, Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds – VAF, and Centre du cinema et de l’audiovisuel de la communauté française de belgique et des télédistributeurs wallons
2004 "Rétroviseurs"
28min. by Christian Coppin, Talibé Diallo, Mamadou Dramé, Hamadou Ka, Cheikh Ndiaye, Laurent Van Lancker (film d'atelier)
distributed by Argos
2003 "Looking up: the art of indian cinema painters"
26min. documentary by Parthiv Shah & Laurent Van Lancker; DV
co-produced with the Institute of Alternative Media (Delhi)
"Out Of Focus - Street Tryptich"
3x8min. documentaries by Out Of Focus Group; DV
"31 Nights"
28min. documentary by Laurent Van Lancker; DV & Beta Digital
distributed by Argos on academic circuit in Belgium, France & Israel
2002 "Koro"
13min. short fiction by Güldem Durmaz; 35mm
supported by the Communauté Française
distributed by La Big Family
Best Short Awards: Independent Film Festival (Brussels), Oh Ce Court (Brussels), Prix Femis (Amiens), Circuito Off (Venice), Fifey (Tunisia), Indep. Film Festival (Georgetown, U.S.), Ciné-Cinemas Auteurs (Aix, FR)
Special Jury Mention: Aye Aye (Nancy, FR), Le Court en dit long (B)
broadcast on RTBF, Canal+ Belgium & ARTV Canada
2001 "Eth(n)ics"
25min. documentary by Laurent Van Lancker; DV & Beta
distributed by Argos
26min. documentary by Eric Fersing & Julien Helgueta-Martinez; DV
co-produced with Bunker Productions (France)
25min. short fiction by Daniel Cooreman; 35mm
supported by the Communauté Française
broadcast on RTBF & Brussels TV
"The twice-a-month gang"
6min. short fiction by Hugues Hausman; 35mm
supported by the Communauté Française
awarded Best Short at Brussels Independent Film Festival
broadcast on BrusselsTV
"In Limbo"
43min. documentary by Simon Arazi; DV & Beta SP
distributed on academic & contemporary art circuit (France, Belgium, UK)
2000 "Auf Widerst@nd"
52min. documentary by Simon Arazi & Vincent Hufty; Beta SP
co-produced with Abysse Productions, Radowski Films & RTBF
supported by the Communauté Française
distributed by Wallonie Image Production
broadcast in on MultiCanal, YLE, Planete and RTBF
18min. short fiction by Laurent Van Lancker; 35mm
supported by the Communauté Française
distributed by La Big Family
broadcast on Brussels TV
52min. documentary by Simon Arazi; DV
Co-produced with Public Netbase for the World-Information.Org exhibition in partnership with Brussels 2000
only shown in the frame of the travelling exhibition

Polymorfilms moves and registers as a non-commercial association in Belgium.

1999 "Moving with the clouds: art & identity of the vietnamese diaspora"
53min. documentary by Olivier Grégoire & Laurent Van Lancker; Beta
co-produced with 'Le Bleu du Ciel Films' & ASAP Prod.
Prix Jeune at the Festival Cinéma d'Asie de Vesoul
"Je n'aime pas la culture"
Short fiction by Daniel Cooreman for the Eurocultures Exhibition at Heysel; DV
1998 "Ymako: Invisible theatre for an African reality"
51min. documentary by Robin Shuffield & Laurent Van Lancker; Dig.Beta
supported by the AGCD and pre-bought by RTBF
broadcast on CFI (francophone Africa), MultiCanal & TV5
awarded the
Basil Wright Price '98 at the Royal Anthropological Institute Film Festival (London) and subsequently distributed as educational video by the R.A.I.
1997 "In Voodoo we trust"
52min. documentary by Jim Ireland & Laurent Van Lancker; DV & Beta
co-produced with Amnesia Films, Triangle 7 & ASAP Prod.
broadcast on Canal Vie, Imagens Satelites & Planete
academic distribution in Belgium, Britain & the United States.
1996 "Discreet Identities: being Muslim in China"
26min. documentary by Simon Arazi & Laurent Van Lancker; DV & Beta
co-produced by Les Films de la Passerelle & Triangle 7
distributed by Wallonie Image Production
broadcast on YLE, SOM Media, ORF & TF1
1995 Polymorfilms is founded in London, Great Britain.

Partnerships and organisational participation in Digital Video Projects:

- "Clichés d'ailleurs" by the ONG APRAD:
Video Workshop for young immigrants about everyday clichés

- "Les Ateliers Fugitifs" by Valérie Van Houtvinck & ADEPPI:
Documentary Workshop for the Prisoners of St.Gilles

- "The uses of vision" for SOAS, University of London:
Production Workshop for Anthropologists

- "Vox":
Media Activism Collective giving free access to DV production material for alternative film making

- "Wash in town" by Brussels 2000:
Video Workshops for working-class neighbourhoods

- "Mus-E" by the Menuhin Foundation:
Artistic Interventions in Secondary Schools

- "Echange de Regards"
This project proposes to create a dialogue, a relationship between marginalised groups and the audiovisual domain.

- "Out of Focus" with DRIK
Video Workshop for underprivileged adolescents in Dhaka;
in collaboration with the Bangladeshi activist NGO Drik

- "Villafricastad" with Atelier Graphoui & Africalia:

Animation Video Workshop for adolescents.