Moving with the clouds

1999 - Documentary - DV & Beta - Colour - 53'

Directed by Olivier Gregoire & Laurent Van Lancker

Camera by Laurent Van Lancker

Sound by Olivier Gregoire

Editing by Ingrid Rubbens

Produced by Le Bleu du Ciel & Polymorfilms
in association with ASAP

Distributed by 10 Francs Films

Prix Jeune at the Festival Cinéma d’Asie Vesoul 1999 (France)


During the organisation of a Vietnamese Film Festival in Brussels, the authors of this film had established various contacts with the Vietnamese Diaspora in Belgium and France.
They got acquainted with numerous Vietnamese artists, who fascinated both in their discourse and practise, inspiring the filmmakers to produce this portrait, which is as much a presentation of their protagonist's work as of their philosophy and their ideas on art, humanity and exile.
From the studio of a painter to the backstage of a concert hall, passing through the world of storytelling and animations, nine artists share their different quests for identity between reminiscence and creation.
A low budget documentary shot on DV, this film is essentially based on long and intimate interviews with the artists represented.