Once upon a journey, ten contemporary storytellers of different cultures create an imaginary epic story. They each draw on their own style and own language to prolong the life of a nameless hero. The aromas of cultures, the taste of words and the perfume of travelling carry us from one storyteller to the next.
Like an epic story, this film oscillates between imagination and reality, the inner world and the outside world, documentary and fiction.
Eloge narratif de la banalité d'un voyage entre Dakar et Kolda, de l'urbain au rural, du pouvoir central à la marge. Mélangeant discussions de voiture, rêverie intérieure, commentaire 'après-coup, ce film se construit et se déconstruit au fil de la route. Palabre corrosif. Courroie de transmission. Transmission de savoir. Savoir improvisé. Improvisation cinématographique. Cinéma de partage. Partager un voyage.
31 Nights
Thirty-one encounters, thirty-one nights: a personal diary that maps the discovery of a different Palestine - intimate, self-reflexive and full of hidden poetry.
Out Of Focus - Street Triptych
Three portraits of Bangladeshi street children and their daily struggle for survival in the slums of Dhaka.
Conceived and shot by a Bangladeshigroup of underpivileged adolescents.
Looking up
Tracing the rapidly disappearing tradition of Bollywood film-poster painting, which is being replaced by modern digital printing techniques. The death of this art-form is also taken as a starting-point to analyze the meaning and the power of the gaze, the glamour and hubris in popular Indian cinema.
In Limbo
A satirical homage to the not-so-discreet charm of propaganda, made entirely from intercepted satellite- feeds of corporate, governmental and news networks. Whether it's the hard sell in business, politics or news, the discourse of persuasion comfortingly always remains the same.
Autobiographical film about the challenges and the failings of a first documentary shoot.
Eth(n)ics oscillates between travel journal and anthropology, as the filmmaker is confronted with the universe of north-vietnamese ethnic minorities and his own ethical dilemmas.
A report on a large exhibition and it's series of conferences on the consequences of the political & economic impact of the new communication and surveillance technologies on our society. With contributions from artists, journalists, media- activists and academics.
Auf Widerst@nd
A portrait of various Viennese resistance initiatives formed shortly after the election of the current rightwing government in Austria. From demonstrations to theatrical street interventions and media infiltration, this generation employs every possible strategy to mobilise public opinion for their cause.
Moving with the clouds
Far from Vietnam, nine artists travel between memory and creation, expressing their experience of exile in their art.
From the studio of a painter to the backstage of a concert hall, passing through the world of storytelling and animations, each protagonist shares a part of his quest to identity.
The Ivory Coast-based theatre company Ymako specialises in conscience-raising street performances, using ‘invisible’ theatre in order to involve the public in questioning their misconceptions about AIDS or the consequences of joining religious sects.
In Voodoo We Trust
Portrait of a white voodoo priest, conducting rituals from his store in a shopping plaza, illustrating how voodoo has adapted to contemporary America. Divination on the internet, animal sacrifice to find a lover and spirit guidance in selling a Star Trek script, all prove the hybridity of this religion and imagination of its practitioners.
Discreet Identities
Intimate portrait of the Hui Muslim community in Yunnan, China. Despite a period of political reforms, any religious practice in China lives on a precarious tolerance. Keeping their religious and cultural identity in low profile, the Yunnan Muslims practice their faith in a state of exile and incertitude.
An imaginary country. A women's prison. Visitor's day:
One of the inmates has prepared a surprise for the visit of her little niece...
The Twice-A-Month Gang
Four associates: Bud, the handsome, Sleeman, the dark one, Molson, the shy and Moosehead, the nervous.
The gang hooks up and proceeds to an all too familiar destination of fiscal redemption. A brooding tale of false appearances.
Down-and-out Jef chances upon Lisa, a former sweet-heart from college days. Thrown into nostalgia and denial, he wills his homeless friends to help him in a "cleaning up" charade, so he can take out Lisa for a date, pretending to live the life of an integrated citizen...
A professional clown, who performs for sick children in hospitals, makes a mysterious encounter with a stone during a walk in the countryside. An impressionistic and poetic dialogue between man and nature.
Not so far away, a new tower of babel…eastwards.
My last Super 8 kodakchrome reel was filmed on my last day of forced unemployment visit.