In Limbo

2001 - Documentary - DV & Beta SP - Colour - 43'

Directed by Simon Arazi

Editing by Simon Arazi
from satellite feeds intercepted by Marko Pelhjan & Brian Springer

Produced & distributed by Polymorfilms


"In Limbo" is a collage edited from American satellite feeds intercepted by the artists Marko Peljhan and Brian Springer between 1990 and 1997.
The material comprises unfiltered backhauls from raw live feeds of news networks (before they are packaged with voice-over, music and commercials), as well as corporate and governmental broadcasts for the employees and trainees of the respective companies and law-enforcement institutions.
Essentially a satirical homage to contemporary propaganda doctrine, the film works like an archaeology of random audio-visual debris; the vocabulary and grammar of advertising, business and politics contaminating each other to engineer reality as a public service or what William Gibson called the "consensual hallucination" of reality. The montage is as polemic as it is ambiguous, since it shares the same discriminatory and falsifying mechanisms with the source material for re-framing the world.

"In Limbo" was selected for festival competition at "Filmer à tout prix 2002" and is only distributed in academic and contemporary art circuits.
Amongst others, it has received screenings at the Institute for Contemporary Arts in London and the Museo Contemporaneo in Barcelona.

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