2001 - Fiction - 35mm - Colour - 25' - Dolby
French Version

starring Ianka Fleerackers, Patrick Goossens, Philmarie

Cinematography by Aldo Piscina

Sound by Daniel Tursch

Music by Philmarie

Editing by Anne-Laure Guegan

Written & Directed by Daniel Cooreman

Produced by Polymorfilms

with the support of Le Centre de Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de la Communauté Française de Belgique and Télédistributeurs Wallons


The story of a down-and-out, Jef, who chances upon Lisa, a former sweet-heart from college days.
Deeply thrown into nostalgia and denial, he wills his homeless friends to help him in a "cleaning up" charade, so he can take out Lisa for a date, pretending to live the life of an integrated citizen.
Only his best friend Jacques stubbornly confronts him about the vanity of this enterprise and it's sad consequences. Jef, however, pursues…