In Voodoo We Trust

1997 - Documentary - DV & Beta - Colour - 52'

Directed by Jim Ireland & Laurent Van Lancker

Camera by Laurent Van Lancker

Sound by Jim Ireland

Music by Marco Rosano & Serge Tavitian

Editing by Ingrid Rubbens

Produced by Amnesia Films & Polymorfilms
in Association with Triangle 7

Distributed by 10 Francs Films


This documentary is an exploration of a classic post-modern, syncretic religious context.
Examining the cultural and religious hybridity in daily life and on a local level, this film is not only a portrait of a white American Voodoo priest and his followers, but in a wider framework also an investigation into the nature of appropriation.
The filmmakers had rare access to all types of practises, ranging from animal sacrifice and purification rituals to possession seances and the preparation of healing potions.
Most of the shooting was done during a series of possession rituals in close proximity to the protagonists, which repeatedly provoked extreme discomfort in certain parts of the audience during various showings of the film.

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