2000 - Documentary - DV - Colour - 52'

Directed by Simon Arazi

Camera & Sound by Vincent Hufty & Simon Arazi

Editing by Charlène Gravel & Simon Arazi

Produced by Public Netbase/t0
in association with Polymorfilms

Distributed by Public Netbase/t0


In the Framework of Brussels 2000, The Institute for New Culture Technologies / Public Netbase (Vienna) introduced their project "World-Information.Org" in form of an extensive exhibition with a series of workshops, lectures and conferences on the opportunities, challenges and risks in the so-called "Information society".
A collaborative effort of organizations, artists, scientists and technicians, who are directly concerned with issues of participatory involvement in Information and Communication Technologies, World-Information.Org addresses the deep structural changes and transformations that affect all aspects of social life and examines the influence of the "digital revolution" on politics, economics, science and artistic, cultural practice (Contributors to the exhibition include notorious artists, activists and academics such as ®™ark, Saskia Sassen, Marko Peljhan, Critical Art Ensemble or Duncan Campbel).
Interests in business, industrial or military advantage sustain most of the new information-processing clusters. Public or civil society institutions cannot keep track of the technological development due to their limited resources.
As a trans-national cultural intelligence provider and an independent platform of critical media intelligence, this project constantly monitors and maps the infosphere, the world's invisible nerve system of information networks, as well as the global information economy, for a democratic development of society, culture and politics.

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