1998 - Documentary - Digital Beta 16/9 - Colour - 51'

Directed by Robin Shuffield & Laurent Van Lancker

Camera by Vincent Hufty & L.P. Capelle

Sound by O. Struye

Editing by Pascal Besnard

Music & Performances by Ymako Teatri

Produced by Uppercut & Triangle 7
in association with Polymorfilms

Distributed by 10 Francs Films

Basil Wright Award at the RAI International Film Festival 1998 (London)


The Ivory Coast-based theatre company Ymako specialises in conscience raising street performances, using ‘invisible’ theatre in order to involve the public in questioning their misconceptions about AIDS or the consequences of joining religious sects.
The documentary shows only a small part of the extraordinary work of Ymako Teatri Company.
Their involvement and achievements in Theatre and Cinema gathering an ever growing international reputation, Ymako are at their most astonishing, when engaging in local African predicaments.
This theatre company is a perfect example for an efficient and challenging development project being run by a local organisation on modest means, completely independent from international aid agencies.
An important element the filmmakers felt necessary to highlight, was the blending of the Ymako's poetics and politics in their performances. Rather than resorting to straightforward interviews, the actors raise the various issues for the camera through a combination of storytelling and proverbs.

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